Rich: Let’s just put this in historical context; You’re quarantined, I’m quarantined…Are we quarantined, or just in lockdown?

Rob: I think we’re in lockdown, but we’re living in a world where, if you walk outside your house, you can’t come within 6 feet of other people.

One year ago today, 27th March 2020, we were still adjusting to the “new normal”. While wanting to slap anyone who used the term “new normal”.

Home working.

Home schooling.




But out of the bewildering Covid times rose two heroes…

 And they were just as out of their depth as the rest of us.

 With “And My Guest is Richard Speight”, Rob and Rich introduced us to a strange corner of the world where peeing in the yard is de rigeur, but where there’s a resounding “No!” to poop. Where day drinking is not only acceptable, but downright *encouraged*.

The socks were dirty. The jokes, dirtier (Cleveland steamer guys? Really?!). Their hands, however, were very, very clean.

I often listened to those early episodes at my desk, in that weird limbo between happy & sad (Thank you, Kacey Musgraves). They made me miss cons so, so keenly.  But there was ultimately something so comforting about hearing two familiar voices navigating this unfamiliar world alongside me.

As time has gone on, the show has blossomed into Kings of Con: The Podcast. Tina has arrived to class up the joint (and give us severe boardgame envy).  And nowadays, there are even guests who aren’t Richard (though he remains my favourite. Shocker).

I’ve settled, however uneasily, into the “new normal” (I just slapped myself), and these days I listen without tears. Paul Fitzgerald style, in a bubble bath, with a glass of the mezcal the guys have repped enough they really should be getting it for free. The show has become a vital part of my selfcare.

We have all of us lost so much in the past year. So many hugs missed out on.  So many cancelled plans. My passport’s one role now is as doorstop ID for my liquor deliveries.

But there’s one thing in life that hasn’t changed at all.


Rob and Rich are still out there making us laugh.

Rain, FanWorld.


And my Guest is Richard Speight


AMGIRS is a great little podcast. I love it so much. Rob and his perpetual guest Rich are always funny and never fail to brighten my day. When the pandemic started and cons were being canceled left and right, this podcast was like another way to experience the joy of a panel again. And it was the best thing ever. I hope that the upgraded Kings of Con podcast can keep our spirits high. It certainly helps me stay sane right now.


They're all great, but the episode with Greg Grunberg was so funny it had me in tears. I love hearing all of the behind-the-scenes stories about what it's like to be an actor - although now I may know a little too much about Faye Dunaway!


"“And My Guest is…” came along at the time when most of us were beginning to realize that our two-week quarantine was going to be significantly longer than anticipated. It provided much needed laughter, for myself and so many others, in a time that was otherwise filled with fear and anxiety. Rich and Rob gave us a break from reality, while also sharing their own lives in lockdown with us. The joy it brought has continued as it has grown into its new adaptation. I’m beyond grateful that they decided to bring us all along for this ride and can’t wait to see how it continues from here!"


Favourite episode: Rachel Harris, for the Rob chiropractor story


"The podcast came at a time when we all needed something to take our minds off the stress and concerns all around us, and it did just that!  Made you laugh, made you shake your head in agreement, made you forget all your worries for a brief spot.  Much needed and much appreciated. Thank you to Rob, Rich, and Tina for helping us through the good and not-so-good times!"

Jill, FanWorld FB admin

Favourite Episodes: Michael Cudlitz and Greg Grunberg

I feel that the podcast helped me get through some really stressful times. Just shutting the world out for a breather and listening to some of my favourite people talk. That mood boost you don't know you sorely need until you get it. All the guests brought something unique and fun to the table, but my favourite was Ruth Connell. I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. And as a fellow Scot I can confirm that Rob's Scottish accent does indeed sound like it's straight out of Gregory's Girl!


So what do I love most about came at a time when we were all new to this quarantine game and were hunkered down. I was still teaching (no longer in person, how does one DO that lol!) but it was a mess and nobody was really prepared for it. So here I was at home in the spring, outside gardening, with Rob and Rich in my ears; not only being silly as only this friendship can be but discussing how they were dealing with the situation. You realized even on the other coast everyone wearing the same clothes, drinking fun drinks, and watching everything there was to watch. I appreciated having them there to make me laugh and know I wasn’t alone.



Photography credit to Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum