Everything about the experience still sticks with me. 'Band of Brothers' was a crazy, unique experience; to take a bunch of young actors who've never served in the military and task them with portraying some of the greatest men to ever go off and fight for their freedom in this country's was a remarkable experience, and I'm still as close to those guys as the day we wrapped shooting.
Review Nation, 2020

There's nothing about 'Band of Brothers' I don't cherish.
Creation Virtual panel, 2020

Being involved in 'Band of Brothers' changed how I perceive my country; my patriotism;  myself and the scope of my country; and my existence as a human on the planet.
And honestly, I didn't have kids at the time, but I think it affected the way I parent, and the way I view myself as a man, and what I think manhood and patriotism, and commitment and dedication look like.
Review Nation, 2020

Art by Beth Spendel