For Richard's birthday, we challenged Richard Speight FanWorld’s staff and followers (and one co-star!) to come up with the word they most associate with Richard, and asked them to tell us why.
Here are some of their thoughts: 

“Class Act”

Richard has always struck me as a “class act”. He is always considerate and gentlemanly (even with that ‘dash of sassy’ in there). But especially in recent years, it is more so that he is thoughtful and open minded, and most of all KIND towards others, at a time when many are critical, judgemental and even derogatory. 
Truly inspiring, and heart-warming to see.
Jill, RSJFanWorld

I’m going with “lodestar”, because it’s a cool word and to me it encapsulates the role Rich has in my life.   
He has inspired my every creative endeavour in the 7 years since we first met. 
He is every stamp in my passport. 
His unwavering faith in my ability and the joy he takes in my creations have made me a better and braver artist. 
The friends he’s brought into my life have made me happier, stronger and kinder.
Rain, RSJFanWorld

He inspired me to write fanfiction, which in turn got me writing original stuff again.

Lisa, RSJFanWorld

As in: “Arms!”
As in: “Louder, Mr Sobel!!!”
As in: “The hors d’oeuvre”.
Tim Matthews, Band of Brothers

I had a really rough time during my first con. I’d lost 40lbs prior to that con, and realized when my first op came back that I still had a long way to go. Rich told a story during his panel that inspired me to keep going, rather than giving up. I’ve lost 75lbs since then. 

I've never been good with words, which is why I draw my thoughts instead. But if I had to describe Richard with one word I would say 'Fascinating.' This word probably best describes the inspiration he gives me to create artwork."

He brought so much happiness into my life. Starting by his various performances in SPN and several moves, continuing with me going to cons just because of him and having an absolute blast, and ending with all the amazing friends I made through our mutual love for him. 
So yeah, “happiness”.

He absolutely wants to make every fan feel special and takes the time to make that happen. He does that from the heart.

Regardless of what I have told him, Rich has always encouraged my endeavours. His support has been valued beyond words.

Golden not just because of the year, but because of the color and brightness of his soul. He's one of the kindest, sweetest, most supportive people I've ever met. My life has completely changed because of him and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 I’m from the South, where it’s very volatile political-wise, and his stance on politic has helped me stay optimistic and hopeful in that regard.

I’m between “passionate” and “protective”. I guess, if I have to choose, protective, because that’s more personal to me. He makes me feel safe, always.

Being a fan of Richard’s has reignited my creative side. Drawing, writing, both things I haven’t tried in years have come back to me because of how I adore Richard’s characters.

 He’s not only beyond talented at everything he does, but he’s also a kind and caring human being. He can sing amazingly well, his humour is quick and funny, he can direct or act in anything and make it stand out.

Saucy definitely comes to mind first.
Erika W.

 I’ve never met Richard, but he manages to make me smile!

“Quick-witted. Multitalented. Kind”
I don’t think I could find just one word to describe him. 
“Quick-witted”? (technically two words). 
“Multi-talented”? (two more). 
“Kind”? (true but there’s more to him than that).

There’s never been a time when he has come across as fake. He’s genuine.

First word that came to mind is “safe”.

Love the Trickster and Richard. Love him at the conventions.

There are a few words bouncing around the old noggin, but am going to pick “integrity”. Rich seems to have this quality in bucketloads and that’s quite rare.

Those are all words that “mean” Rich to me. Those are the ones that immediately come to mind.
Erika S.

Because he always seems to do that, whether he’s saying something really meaningful or utterly ridiculous. That’s just what he does.

“Inclusive. Genuine”
I would says he’s “inclusive” and “genuine”. He’s able to make everyone in the room feel like they belong and they are exactly where they need to be.

 He gives 110% to everything.